Men's swimwear line coming to you
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STOLMID is a lifestyle swimwear brand designed to give back to the world we live in, the world that inspires us.

We will be available for purchase in a few weeks. In the meantime, join us on our journey to help the world through giving. We are launching our menswear line first, followed by a surprise accessory, our women's line, and then children's. We invite you to take a swim with us and change the world. See you at the beach.

Our Story

STOLMID was born out of the desire to:
1. Encourage those growing up in low income neighborhoods to dream
2. Help homeless people who seek a second chance to try and get back on their feet
3. Increase access to clean water globally
4. Inspire you to try

By purchasing our apparel, you are supporting initiatives that tie back to those four core points mentioned before. Learn more about the organizations STOLMID Supports with each purchase. 
Founded by an artist, Jelani Chance, the idea was to connect art to those four initiatives mentioned above. It’s okay to be passionate about supporting more than one goal, it just requires a plan.

Jelani grew up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY. Those experiences are what makes him strive to help others. During his primary school years, Jelani and his classmates were told early on that they would never amount to anything. He wants to make sure that does not happen to anyone else.

For many, every day is a fight. When you feel helpless and at wits end, please remember that we believe in you.

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